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bigassfries's Journal

Adamn W. Fhqwhgads "BigAssFries" Little-Johnson
24 August
All of my prose works of literature can be found in my memories.

Adamn the Ronin Ninja
      Adamn W. Fhqwhgads "BigAssFries" Johnson was born at a very young age and was raised in Carson, California. As a small child, he learned quickly the ways of the samurai. When he was fifteen, he fell victim to a stray shuriken, which penetrated the back of his head and poked him in the cerebellum. This poke to the brain gave him super ninja abilties. Unfortunately, being a samurai, he was shunned by his family and friends. He was exiled from his samurai community and he roamed Southern California aimlessly, mugging and physically harming innocent passers-by as he went, until his late teens.

      On the day of his eighteenth birthday, he walked into the town of Lomita, which is Japanese for "awesome small town eclipsed by the false grandeur of neighboring Torrance and San Pedro." He had been to this town before, but he was chased out by angry villagers who couldn't understand why he called himself a "ronin" when he was a ninja. This time, though, it was different. As he left a bar named The Fantastic in the Northern section of town, he bumped into a beautiful young lady named Sierra Rose Little. She apologized for running into him, even though it was Adamn's fault, as he bumped into her to pick her pockets. That's how nice she was. The two quickly fell into liking. Soon, she began surrendering her money without his asking, proving both how much she liked him and how much she didn't care about her money. Spurred by his love, Adamn decided to give up his fighting ways. Unfortunately, on the night of every full moon his ninja side awakens, causing him to go mad and viciously assassinate random people. This is the real story behind all those wereninja newpaper articles you read.

      Adamn and Sierra got married and now live together in a huge Japanese castle in Lomita Adamn bought with the winnings he earned in a game of Vegas-style Scrabble. Adamn and Sierra now write for a living. Adamn posts his compositions in his artsy Livejournal at bigassfries and he occasionally posts about his day-to-day life in his boring day-to-day-life journal at viciousaloysius. Sierra can be found at sleepintrashcan.
Barry the Bar of Almost-Random Grayness on the Right
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